No market research-related need is too big or too small

 We deliver concierge-style service.   Starting with your initial call, one member of our team will serve as  your direct contact and manage every aspect of your project, which might  include any of the following tasks:

  • Research Management from design to execution or anything in between.
  • Design and execute screeners that have been finely tuned to ensure that you hear from the “right” respondents.
  • In  cities where there are no traditional facilities available, recommend  suitable locations; screen and hire professionals to record and/or  stream your interviews; recruit respondents; and arrange for on-site  snacks and/or catered meals as your preferences and budget dictate.
  • Conduct intercept interviews via wireless tablet in restaurants, stores, malls, or virtually any other project-relevant venue.
  • Conduct  research via in-person focus groups or one-on-ones; teledepth  interviews; online bulletin boards, or other research modality,  depending on the research objectives.
  • Ethnographies
  • Build custom online communities capable of delivering virtually instant qualitative direction over virtually any time period.