Small Town or Big city, we have the resources for a successful project


 Lori  Kolde has served the qualitative market research industry for more than  25 years.  From her first foot-in-the door as a recruiter, Lori has  worked her way up successively to the vice presidency of two major  regional market research firms.  She’s also an experienced project  manager, a skilled client advocate, and a trained moderator.

In  2015, Lori acted on a career-long ambition: to set up her own shop and  deliver clients the personalized project management service they  deserve.  In short, Lori and her team know research, and they know how  to listen to you.  Furthermore, they have the industry connections, the  hands on experience, and the strategic focus it takes to ensure your  project a turbulence free ride from wheels-up to touch-down. 

With  so much at stake on every market research project, it just makes sense  to trust a veteran like Lori Kolde and her team to seamlessly connect  you with the critical markets insight you need.